Workouthabit Workplace wellness

Workouthabit Workplace wellness

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Invest in your employees, because they are the most precious resource of your company!  

Welcome to 21 century workplace! 

Improve productivity, well-being and health of your employees

 A to Z introduction to  the 8 total wellness pillars  

Simple, creative and effective

Build more integrity in your workplace

Create better communication and vibe

 Guaranteed long term  benefits to your company

We work with the various size of companies, who care about  a healthy and happy workplace culture!

Price is charged per employee and depending of various factors such as the size of the company, location and logistics.

Be healthy! Be happy! Be ready!

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What you will get

  • Free  introduction to workouthabit total wellness
  • Free Skype support  
  • Various workshops, which  include  8 most important wellness pillars
  • Workplace fitness, we offer a diverse choice of exercises(  focus on physical wellness area)
  • Workplace mindfulness and meditation(  focus on emotional wellness area)

What you will learn........How to?

  • How to engage your employees in total wellness with variety of empowering workshops
  • How to actively  pursue  wellness and health lifestyle in the workplace
  • How to boost your employees morale and reduce the stress and burnout (various workshops on stress management)
  • How to increase productivity and quality of work and to reduce multitasking
  • How to better manage your attention and avoid daily distractions and information overload
  • How to promote physical activity (various workshops yoga, taici, boot camp, circuits, mixed martial arts, calisthenics and more)
  • How to promote emotional wellness(various meditations and mindfulness workshops)  
  • How to motivate your employees
  • How to help your employees to  be more mindful and present  in the workplace

Terms and conditions

  1. Session  expires in 90 days from purchase date.

  2. Non-refundable and must be paid in full

  3. Management reserves the right to change terms and condition.