Workouthabit onsite wellness re-boot 2019

Workouthabit onsite wellness re-boot 2019

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Wellness is moving center stage in the modern workplace are you in?

Improve productivity, well-being and health of your employees  

Simple, creative and effective

Build more integrity in your workplace

Create better teams, communication and vibe

Guaranteed long term  benefits to your company

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What you will get

  • Free workplace wellness consultation and audit

  • 30 days office wellness camp support and guidance

  • Customized according to company’s size, employees age and etc.

  • 1 morning or evening hour exercise session (fitness HIIT or Circuit, Dance Zumba, Yoga) Celebrate work

  • 1 lunch hour relaxation session ( relaxation, Tai ci, Yoga, Massage, Music and art therapy, mindfulness) Lunch reset

  • 1 Healthy office nutrition cooking demonstration

  • 1 workshops on attention management, resilience and better performance

What you will learn........How to?

  • How to become desk warrior in the modern workplace

  • Hot to De-stress at your desk

  • How to boost your employees morale and reduce the stress and burnout

  • Ho to perform better, work smarter and manage your attention

  • How to be more resilient in the modern workplace

  • How to increase productivity and quality of work

  • How to motivate your employees to perform better and give them the purpose

  • How to help your employees to be more mindful and present in the workplace

Terms and conditions

  1. Session  expires in 30 days from purchase date.

  2. Non-refundable and must be paid in full.

  3. There is a percentage surcharge per employee if there are more than 5 employees.

  4. Management reserves the right to change terms and condition.