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Body weight training is a super efficient compound training, you can do it anytime and anywhere for free, easily adaptable it combines cardio and strength to increase flexibility and prevent severe injuries. 


Were are you based?

No more pull ups on the trees and problems with the park security. Irish Street Workout and Calisthenics Organisation now own a super workout station were you can do the Pull ups, Dips, Muscle ups, Human flags and etc.  Irish Street Workout and Calisthenics Organisation or ISWCO are based and cooperating with Blue fitness, 4/5 Penrose Quay, Cork city( next to Union Chandlery and Penrose wharf).



Schedule and training

  • On Tuesdays from 1300-1500 pm, beginner calisthenics  class.
  • On Thursdays from 1300- 1500 pm, intermediate calisthenics class.
  • On Saturdays from 1300-1500 pm  advanced calisthenics class.
  • Book in advance.Places are limited.Small groups.


Our mission

Is to spread healthy lifestyle! Our vision is to organize  Irish Street Workout and Calisthenics Championship sometime in the  summer 2018. In  the comming months, we will organize local calisthenics events in Cork.We are the proud member of WSWCF or World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation, which organize's numerous worldwide events. Give us a shout, if you have any ideas and want to be a part of our team.Do not hesitate to join us for Push up, Squat,Pull up and etc challenges.We will have ongoing competitions and challenges to promote  calisthenics and healthy lifestyle! Fall in love with creative, simple revolutionary 21 century workout! Fall in love with a healthy lifestyle and obtain more healthy habits. Please, like and follow our facebook page for more updates.

The Overview

What is our training philosophy?

We believe that our bodies are designed to move us around and complete many daily tasks. Think about this for a moment, if you leave a car for too long without use it will cause it to rust and begin to decay. Similarly, we are not designed to sit all day. However, in our modern lives we spend on average more than 8 hours sitting. In fact we sit more then we sleep, this just proves how poor our habits have become.  We live in times when sitting is considered the smoking of our generation. Sadly, inactivity is the major public health concern of our century and cause many illnesses such as diabetes and obesity.

Why we believe in body weight and minimal equipment training?

We believe in functional body-weight training for the general population and the usage of as little equipment as possible. Our priorities are to promote stronger bodies with improved performance allowing us to become more functional in daily life.  We are huge fans of progressive functional strength, which refers to how well an exercise translates to the real world. A lean and healthy body is more sustainable and cheaper to maintain in the long term. The body weight type of training is scientifically proven to be more beneficial for our daily lives than using a gym and decreases our chances of injury.

Why we recommend body-weight exercises?

Our experience tells us that there are too many people who cannot do a normal body squat, push up, or pull up!  And they are attempting barbell squats, bench presses, overhead presses and even worse dead-lifts.  Without the proper foundation these exercises can result in severe injuries, especially for beginners,and yet this can be seen inmost of the gyms. 

Why great outdoors?

 We believe in aesthetic and clean body weight  and not in the dirty body building exercises.  Our training begins with the basic exercises, that are tailored to personal needs and develop to include outdoor activities such as camping, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, trekking and many more. The body-weight exercises give us the strength to maximize on the great outdoors, which is proven to help us to connect with nature, increase motivation and improve performance.





Exercise is the best medicine



Is the training programme standardized or do they vary by coach?

We like creativity and flexibility as it helps to avoid plateaus and boredom. Our programmes are diverse, each coach specializes in a different area of training such as street workout, calisthenics , circuits, HIIT, dance and mixed martial arts. While the foundation of all our training is body weight and functional training each coach brings their own style and creativity to their training routines. 

Class structure

Each class will start with motivation and positivity.  Working with your wellness guru you will create your own mantra to bring a focus to your session.

This will be followed by a warm up of 10-15 minutes to prepare your muscles, joints and mind- we use a dynamic and specific whole body warm-up that will prepare your body for what is coming next.

The main session will be a series of the most innovative, creative, efficient body-weight exercise routines.  The routine is designed to be an holistic and balanced session that targets strength and endurance as well as all parts of the body.  We strive to avoid imbalance in training by merely focusing on one part of the body. With our very adaptable and creative exercise routines the main session is highly customized to your needs, body type and fitness level. 

We will finish with a cool down of 5-10 minutes to send a message to your body to relax.  These will be a series of exercises moving from high-intensity to low-intensity to help reduce your heart rate to prepare you to stop.

As part of the cool down we recommend stretch and self massage. We will teach you to stretch every major muscle group after every session. We encourage you to use massage to release tension in muscles and help them to relax even more and we also guide you on how to use foam rollers to self massage.


I will get healthier.

I will look better.

I will eat right.

I will exercise.

I will earn my body.

My only limit is myself.


Why Calisthenics?

We are huge fans of calisthenics, which translates from the Greek "chalos" meaning beautiful and "sthenos" meaning strength. It's a beautiful way of training to become healthy, lean and powerful and you can do it anywere and anytime.  It is a series of exercises that relies on the weight of the body, this means that you are never lifting more than you should be lifting as you are using your own weight to develop core strength and endurance.  The exercises gives you a real sense of your own body and promotes mindfullness in your daily life.  Your body is the only tool you need to partake in calisthenics.Connect your mind and body!

Why street workout?

Recently calisthenics has become associated with the rapidly growing international street workout sport, which consists of various exercises, mostly performed with very little or no equipment. It's a very adaptable and creative way to get fit anywhere, anytime, just lift, pull and stretch your own body. It's the bomb! Effectively, street workout is a type of activity or body weight training which combines various disciplines such as athletics, calisthenics, urban calisthenics, isometric static holds, gymnastics and other sports. Strength is practiced by doing isometric exercises such as human flag, planche, back and front lever, muscle up etc. Calisthenics and street workout gives us a better knowledge of our own bodies and develops a more mindful exercise.

What are the benefits?

As you already aware, the benefits of our training are endless. Combine it with healthy and clean nutrition and plenty of sleep and you will notice positive experiences in your body, mind and spirit.

You will see:

  • A lean, beautiful and strong body
  • Improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength and power
  • Increased core strength, agility and speed
  • Increased flexability , balance, coordination and motor skills
  • Prevention of injury and ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity
  • Better stress management
  • Positivity and happiness
  • And longer, happier and healthier life




Fact# Did you know that only 15 minutes of daily exercise will increase your life expectancy by about 3 years?


Our exercise promise

 We promise to create an exercise  that will be lean, easy to learn, super-efficient and that you can do anywhere and anytime. You will no longer have to get up and drive to the gym.  You will have all you need in your immediate environment and no excuses not to exercise! We aim for sustainable and long term growth and beautiful balanced bodies. 

We will help you to train your bodies without growth hormones or artificial enhancers. They harm our bodies more than they do good.  We will help you to examine your diet and to find the best nutrition you need in order to maximize on your exercise and achieve the benefits of your routine.  We take our training very seriously, and we continue to work with the best nutritionists, fitness and yoga instructors, wellness and life coaches to provide you with the 100% positive experience.

Dream big. Be grateful. Give love.Laugh lots.Exercise daily

Street workout and calisthenics equipment

    Workouthabit is exclusive representative of Kenguru pro in Republic of Ireland. Kenguru pro is one of the world's leading body weight, street workout and calisthenic equipment manufacturer's. It was created by experts using innovative technology and the highest quality materials to help for those who want to fall in love with the street workout and calisthenics. The equipment can be build indoors and outdoors and can be custom expandable.

INDOOR D-04.png

Happy and successful company

  Imagine how it will attract new talent when you mention that you have specially designed workout area for your workers.  Increase your employees productivity by installing a workout area and gain a competitive edge.  It's a great long term investment to the well-being of your employees by creating a sense of community and competition.

INDOOR D-05.png

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset of any country

Body weight training is a growing trend and our workout park is perfect for gyms and fitness studios to increase number of clients. The workout park can also be built in public areas like local parks, housing areas, schools and universities so that the health and well-being of the citizens could improve.


Disability does not mean inability

The equipment is perfect for individuals and homes, as it can be built in your backyard or even inside your house or garage. Make your dreams come true and exercise in the privacy of your own home. We also have a range of equipment specially designed for people with disabilities, this range breaks down many of the stereotypes of society by showing abilities rather than the disabilities.


World Street Workout and Calisthenics  Federation

Kenguru pro body weight equipment are the official brand of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federations or WSWCF, which organize's numerous worldwide championships. Each year Kenguru pro equipment are tried by many elite athletes in different conditions, ranging from extreme cold to extreme heat.


Highest quality

  • KENGURU PRO equipment is certified by TUV Reinland and approved by World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation
  • All  equipment parts are manufactured and assembled in the EU to ensure the best possible quality  of each equipment piece.

Trusted and tested

More than 300 fully equipped KENGURU PRO parks have been build all over the world in the most extreme conditions and environment.


Patented technology

We use mechanical high pressure shot peening of the surface, application of hot dip galvanized coating, application of polyester powder coating and our clamps are made of high strength alloys.