Group fitness classes in the park or the beach

Group fitness classes in the park or the beach

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Did you know that only 20 minutes of daily exercise will considerably increase your life expectancy? Workouthabit provides you with a creative and comprehensive choice of group fitness classes for example, circuits, high intensity interval training, boot camps and martial arts at your local park or the beach.

To help you to stay motivated, find new like minded friends and get connected to nature join our group fitness classes.  It will give you that extra bit of motivation to reach your fitness goals. Group classes will help you to get your energy back with a friendly instructor who will motivate and guide you.


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The summer is nearly here, so take the opportunity to exercise with us in the Fitzgerald Park. Mix up your routine and take your sweating outdoors. Meet like minded friends every Saturday at 10am and join us for exercise in the beauty of our local park. It's free this May and June.


Did you know that exercising outdoors provides more benefits than exercising indoors?  It is proven to decrease stress levels and anxiety and improve our energy levels.  Connecting with nature through outdoor exercise makes us happier, livelier and more enthusiastic.

Outdoor exercises are more challenging and therefore lead to greater physical gains. A group workout led by certified and motivating instructors is safer and more effective in achieving your goals. We strive to make our classes creative and fun to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals and challenge you to workout harder and more often.

You will also find like-minded people with whom to share the challenges and achievements of outdoor exercise.

What's included

  • Circuit, HIIT, Martial arts, Yoga, Tai chi, Dance, Boot camp, street workout and calisthenics.  
  •  Total 4 classes
  • Weekly every Saturday at 1130 am in Fitzgerald Park.
  • Training in using body weight and minimal equipment.
  • Guidance, motivation and inspiration.
  • Free for the month of May, must be booked in advance as places are limited.

Terms and conditions

Expires 30 days from purchase date
Non refundable, non transferable, cannot be cancelled
48 hours cancellation or rearrangement
Must be paid in full at the time of booking, which is non refundable