Monthly Mini Retreat Ireland

Monthly Mini Retreat Ireland

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We are huge fans of the great outdoors and doing exercise outdoors.  It has so many benefits to our fitness and general well-being.  Being outdoors helps us to connect with the environment and this helps us to become more mindful in our daily life.  Spending time connecting with nature helps with our mental health and give us a greater respect for the world around us. Get your adrenaline rush and try outdoor activities whether it is surfing, mountain biking, skiing, camping or trekking. Wellness weekends are packed with fitness, yoga and relaxation and workshops on health and cooking. 

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Have you ever thought about having an amazing all-inclusive local wellness weekend?  This is your chance to take part in a life changing holiday. Take a break and become fitter and happier at the same time.  Forget holidays that leave you needing another holiday to recover, this weekend will help you to unplug and escape day to day demands while broadening your horizons. It is a blend of active, outdoor elements and healthy eating and cooking to instill you with a new outlook on exercise and nutrition.  Our Wellness weekends are designed to address many specific ailments such as stress reduction, detox, weight loss and others. What you are waiting for? Invest in your happiness and health and feel rejuvenated.


We offer activities, accommodation and therapies for everyone to choose

Learn how to cook healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner in cooking classes.

Get your personal nutrition advice or daily nutrition lectures.

Connecting with nature, birds watching and other activities

Classes on crafts, painting and others

Or get into healing sauna ,spa procedure, hot springs or other relaxation activities.

Sleep in a cabin, tent cabin, dorm room, campsite or even luxury chalet

Digital detoxification and unplugging

What's included

I night in accommodation,  camping tent or tepee.

2 day full of activities, Saturday and Sunday

Culinary classes on how to cook healthy food

Organic healthy  3 meals every day

Yoga , tai ci, meditation, massage and other relaxation techniques

Life coach and motivational classes

Fitness and other sport activities, HIIT, Circuit, MMA and many more

Team building activities and games

Sauna and other spa procedures

Outdoor pursuit, varies each month, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, skiing snowboarding and more

What's not included

The transport, transfers 

Terms and conditions

No freezes

Non refundable, non transferable, cannot be canceled

Deposit of 30% must be paid up in front to get place on waiting list

The rest must be paid at least 30 days prior departure date in full at the time of booking,