Could it be that sugar is the major factor contributing to the obesity crisis?


Fact: Sugar is highly addictive and does similar things to your brain as cocaine does

The first thing to avoid, if you are starting healthy eating and want to lose weight is sugar. Evidently, the majority of the population has a sugar addiction, because it is a very addictive substance. Moreover, it is likely that sugar is the worst contributor to the obesity and diabetes epidemic of our generation. It is high in calories and, even worse, these are empty calories with no vitamins, fibre or other necessary nutrients and it goes directly to our bloodstream.

In fact, consumption of sugar does not provide us with a sense of fullness the way fat and protein does. And I feel sad when I see that people substitute soft drinks for water, but that is only one example of sugar addiction. Sugar will not give you the feeling that you have had enough and are full; that's why it's possible to drink a litre of soft drink, but try the same with water and you will be surprised. That's why you can eat so much of it in the form of liquids, in particular; sugar suppresses our feeling of fullness.

Furthermore, and worse, because natural sugar is very expensive and scarce in the natural environment, major manufacturers have started to use many artificial sugars made in the laboratory. One of the most wide spread examples could be high fructose syrup which mostly used in soft drinks and cheap biscuits and chocolate bars. The major problem is that high fructose syrup supplies a significant amount of fructose type sugar to our bloodstream and puts enormous pressure on the liver. The liver is the only organ which can metabolize the fructose.

Now, pay particular attention to this, if you eat too many sweets or drink soft drinks, your liver must work hard and convert sugars into energy for use. Also, if you  live a sedentary lifestyle, the excess sugar which is not used by you in the exercise is converted into fat and stored in your body. If you eat more calories than you burn, your body will continue to store the fat. Could it be that sugar is the most significant contributing factor to worsening obesity and health crisis?

Moreover, sugar is a highly addictive substance and every time we eat sugar, the brain releases dopamine, the so-called reward chemical. According to many reports, sugar is more addictive than some types of drugs, such as cocaine. This gives us a feeling of pleasure every time we consume something sweet with the sugar.

However, natural, good quality sugars such as organic honey or dark chocolate are probably much better than cheap and artificial equivalents such us high fructose or even worsth - the aspartame. As in every case, moderation is the key, consuming less, but better quality is the secret. And remember, always check the labels and be mindful of what you eat. This is the key to flexible nutrition.

"Sugar is a true silent killer and the reason for many modern diseases"


Tomas Vaicelis