Why and how to avoid processed foods?


Fact: food companies is altering food with chemical ingredients in the lab, so you keep comming back for more, its higly addictive and also stimulate production of the dopamine in your brain.

Processed food is any food that has been altered from its natural form for convenience or safety so that it has a longer shelf life. We process food in some ways all the time, through boiling, frying, steaming. However, there is a significant difference between processing at home and in the food laboratory. The easiest way to understand if the food is was processed in the lab is to read the ingredients on the back of the label. I have a simple rule here: if the food consists of more than 5  ingredients be alert.

More importantly, if the most of the ingredients are difficult to understand, it means that it was processed too much in the lab and most of the goodness, such as vitamins and minerals, were taken out. Instead, salt, sugar and other additives were added to make it bulkier and enhance the flavour. In fact, we normally crave for sugar, salt or fat and manufacturers knows it.  I also try to avoid so-called processed and refined white foods as much as possible, because white equals bad or simple carbs. After eating simple carbs, your blood sugar levels will spike, putting enormous pressure on your metabolic system.

It would be much better to avoid processed white foods as possible including; white pasta, rice,bread, sugar, crackers, cereal and others because they are highly refined and processed.Instead, consuming more of wholemeal food such as brown pasta, wholemeal flour, and brown bread.Food with more fibre is better; it will help keep you fuller longer and avoid snacking. Snacking can be a big problem for our health, in particular, snacking on processed CRAP foods.

I try to stick with the SLOW principle, slow, local, organic, wholesome. I love home cooked meals because cooking is a mindful practise itself. For me,  most important to have balanced nutrition and to know how the food was prepared and what ingredients were used. And I try to avoid the CRAP or carbonated, refined, artificial and processed foods as much as possible.

The best way to eat healthy and lose weight is to eat less CRAP food as possible.





Tomas Vaicelis