What are the trans fats and why their are so bad?


Fact: Too much trans fat increases risk of heart disease and other health problems.

In the last couple of decades, fat has received a lot of negative reviews and was blamed for the obesity crisis and heart diseases and etc. In fatc, is one of the essential macronutrients, the same as carbohydrates and protein. Fat is essential as an energy source and for healthy cell growth. In my view, the quality of fat is more important than quantity. In fact, there are many types of natural fats, such as saturated and unsaturated and the famous omega 3 and omega 6. All these fats are essential so that our body functions properly. The most important thing is to find the right balance and not consume too much of one type of fat.

However, I want to raise your attention and talk about Trans fats. These types of fats are primarily created through the process of adding hydrogen to liquid oils such as sunflower oil and others. So, it becomes solid, does not spoil easily, and has a longer shelf life. It's a man-made fat which is loved by industry for convenience and long shelf life. It's one of the cheapest types of fats and is extremely bad for our health. It is proven to cause many diseases and is very unhealthy for our body, heart and blood vessels.

It causes our arteries to become blocked and may be one of the top reasons for increasing our cholesterol levels and results in heart attacks. It's is found in a vast array of products such as fried foods, the nation's favourite chips, cookies and biscuits, most industrial pizzas, even crackers and etc. Your local restaurant probably deep fried most of the food in the Trans-fat oil. Ask, next time, if the oils used are Trans-fat-free. I bet 99% of the answers will be that “we use Trans-fat oil, its cheaper”

However, you will also find Trans fats in the most surprising places. Recently, I had free whippy ice cream at the Ramen. I was lucky enough to look at the box and the label with the ingredients, which showed that Trans fats were used in the ice cream. However, the ingredients are not displayed on the top of the label for everyone. There are some countries which have banned Trans fats altogether, such as Denmark and Norway. And there is a bigger European initiative to ban them in Europe. Be aware about the Trans fats and be curious about what you and your kids are eating daily; whether it is ice cream from your local ice cream van or deep-fried fast foods.  Why Trans fats is not banned completely if it has such a negative affects on our health?

Fact: trans fats are easy to use, inexpensive to produce and last long time. Manufaturers just love adding them everywhere and they earn good profits. However, they are very unhealthy and are banned in numerous countries worldwide.

Tomas Vaicelis