How to become 80SLOW/20CRAP flexitarian and avoid black and white diets?


Fact: Flexitariasm is the best approach to your diet, 80% of the time you eat healthy, wholesome and natural foods, 20% of the time you can cheat with something like croissant in the morning or slice of pizza. If you want something sweet, eat natural SLOW organic carrots and avoid the unhealthy CRAP snacks.

On the funny side, the single best nutrition advice I could recommend is doing 100 push-ups every morning for 30 days. This was probably the best diet hack I have learnt in my life. 

I recommend being flexible and eating a well-balanced breakfast, lunch,and dinner that are wholesome and full of macronutrients and vitamins. I try to have only two snacks throughout the day, which can be dark chocolate, fruits and vegetables. I am striving to be 80% natural and avoiding any protein shakes, supplements,and other chemical additives. I try to eat good quality fats such as virgin olive oil, coconut oil, seed oils,and butter.

Usually, I start my day with a glass of pure water,and I consume pure water and herbal teas all throughout the day. I avoid coffee, black tea,and soft drinks as much as possible. However, I occasionally have one or two per week. I like flexibility,and I think that moderation is the key. I try to eat clean whole foods 80% of my time. However, I am not extreme about it and about 20% of the time I end up eating something I try to avoid.  It is not always possible to say no when your friend makes a cake. I try to make my own  home cooked quality food as often as possible. I use quality and natural ingredients.

And, if I can, I try to avoid Trans fats and other low-quality fats such as margarine and refined oils.Again, everything that is artificial and processed. I do not like black and white diets which tells you what to eat all the time and count calories all the time. I like a more flexible approach to my lifestyle.

" Eat clean, natural and wholesome foods and try to avoid white processed and artificial foods"

S ustainable

L ocal

O rganic

W holesome

Tomas Vaicelis