4 Calisthenics personal training sessions.April 2018.

4 Calisthenics personal training sessions.April 2018.

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Basic, intermediate and advanced calisthenics training.Exercises broken into small and easy to understand training routines. Introduction to freestyle calisthenics and street workout! We will motivate and guide you to your best version of you! Aesthetic, lean, longterm, healthy body is guaranteed!

Our promise

Focus is on you. Coach that cares. 1 to 1 or very small group semi private training.

4 calisthenics 1 to 1 personal training sessions. To save your time and maximize rezults. Customize your sessions how you wish, weekly or monthly.

4 complimentary calisthenics training classes every Saturday from 13 to 15 pm.

8 total training sessions. Get ripped and lean body for this summer!Attention is on you! Quality sessions designed for the needs of every client!


Currently, we are based in Blue fitness, 4/5 Penrose Quay, Cork city ( close to Penrose wharf and Union chandlery.

Book in advance. Limited places!

I want to exercise

What you will get

  1. Lean, ripped, healthy, longterm body
  2. Positive mindset and attitude
  3. Improved coordination, balance, strength, cardio
  4. Self confidence 
  5. Total body weight loose
  6. Motivation
  7. New like minded and sporty friends
  8. Simple continous fitness assesments
  9. Simple and easy workout plan for 30 days
  10. Free logbook to track your progress and goals
  11. Personal trainer that cares. Focus on you. Convenient training at your desired time. 
  12. Each session is approx. 45-55 minutes. Warm up, main session, cool down and stretch.
  13. 4 private 1 to 1 sessions

Terms and conditions

  1. Session  expires in 30 days from purchase date.

  2. Non-refundable and must be paid in full

  3. Management reserves the right to change terms and condition.