2 Intro to calisthenics personal training sessions. April 2018.For new calisthenics athletes

2 Intro to calisthenics personal training sessions. April 2018.For new calisthenics athletes

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What is the  purpose of the intro sessions? Learn the art of calisthenics( from greek  perfect  strenght)  moving your body  against gravity. In fact, this will help you  to develop aesthetic, ripped and healthy physique. Perfect your body and technique. Learn more about your general fitness level and flexibility.Become stronger mentally and  physically. Lean, slow and sustainable growth! No fast short cuts in Calisthenics.

Our promise:

Learn solid form and technique of our best fundamental calisthenics moves  such as push, squat, pull up and etc.

Learn more about your general fitness level, we have a simple fitness test

Learn simple and easy workout plan for 30 days

 Slow, organic, natural and healthy growth of your body and mind,not a fast artificial growth based on mindless usage of steroids and protein powders

 Healthy, balanced and long term physique, improved coordination, flexibility and strenght!

 Specifically designed:

For those who want aesthetic lean not dirty bulking! 


I want to exercise

What you will get

  1. Basic fundamental calisthenics exercises
  2. Solid techniques
  3. 2 personal calisthenics sessions
  4. Simple and easy fitness assessment to know better your general fitness level
  5. 30 days Workouthabit challenge and workout plan all based on scientific approach of exercise habit formation
  6.  1 to 1 calisthenics sessions, warm up, main session, cool down, stretch
  7. Logbook to write your goals
  8. Guidance, help, motivation from qualified and experienced instructor

Why to try 2 intro calisthenics sessions?

  • New clients must complete intro class, so they can learn  solid techniques of 4 fundamental calisthenics exercises.

  • In depth knowledge of   general fitness level, flexibility, coordination and balance.

  • Those who are not sure, if they like this type of training.

  • All new calisthenics athletes must complete intro classes 

If you just getting started take advantage of our new client LAUNCH programme. For best results we suggets calisthenics minimum 3 times per week. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced  calisthenics sessions. On top we offer 1 to 1 calisthenics training at clients home or outdoors, to save your time. We would be happy to help  find the perfect programme for you. Exercise is best medicine!

Exclusive, premium and customized training. We operating on waiting list basis. Book early for next month. Very small and focused group training. So that you could learn perfect technique and get maximum attention.

Recruit new calisthenics athletes, earn classes.Each time someone new comes to workouthabit intro  class through your referal invite, you get one complimentary class. Invite your friends and start earning classes!

Terms and conditions

  1. Session  expires in 30 days from purchase date.

  2. Non-refundable and must be paid in full

  3. Management reserves the right to change terms and condition.