+THE BEGINNING+ Level 1 Workouthabit 1 TO 1 training

+THE BEGINNING+ Level 1 Workouthabit 1 TO 1 training

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Level 1 training is focused on PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL wellness pillars, which we think are the most important to begin with!

Surfing session and beach bootcamp  included in this package

Welcome to 21 century revolutionary workout! 

The path to simple, creative and mindful  exercise!

Learn simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to train your mind

Connect your mind and body

Basic, simple and most efficient calisthenics and isometric exercises( long term and functional)

Fall in love with modern calisthenics training which generates massive power, coordination and balance ,protects the joints, chisels an amazing physique, builds tendon integrity, creates greater range of motion, is  functional and stays long term!

Exercise here, now and anywhere, anytime!



I want to exercise

What you will get

  • Free workouthabit logbook and the t-shirt
  • You are the focus.Everything is customized specifically for you. Coach that care about you. 
  • Weekly interactions with your personal coach
  • 1 hour Skype call 
  • 1 hour free walk and talk to discuss of how to achieve your goals and pursue healthy lifestyle
  • 1 hour exclusive innovative and simple workouthabit 1 to 1 training session( clients's home or outdoors)
  •  A to Z creative and simple calisthenics workout plan for 60 days 
  •  Total body cardio, strength and core workouts
  •  Level 1 workouthabit challenge is focused  on physical and emotional wellness pillars

What you will learn.........How to?

  • How to crush old unhealthy habits and  and live more healthy lifestyle
  • How to exercise daily and obtain an exercise habit( recommended by neuroscience)
  • How to learn  calisthenics and street workout(a novel 21 century revolutionary workout)
  • How to  learn more about flexible and wholesome  nutrition 
  • How to motivate yourself and avoid most common mistakes and boredom
  • How to be active and pursue total wellness
  • How to meditate and relax 
  • How to connect your mind and body
  • How to tackle physical and emotional wellness pillars 

Terms and conditions

  1. Session  expires in 30 days from purchase date.

  2. Non-refundable and must be paid in full

  3. Management reserves the right to change terms and condition.