Why to hang out with sporty people?


You are the average of 5 people closest to you.Choose your friends wisely.

One of the key factors  is to find like-minded people who already have  healthy lifestyle. By surrounding yourself with sporty, healthy, positive individuals, you can easily simulate their healthy habits.It would be nice to find quality friends, which can motivate, empower you to grow in every way physically, spiritually, intellectually, etc. Friends who can be trusted at the most challenging moments of your life.  Probably, the best environment to find healthy friends is at your local park, sport club, mixed martial arts club or society!

Interestingly, very often when someone starts to exercise and eat healthily, he becomes outcast of his old group of friends. At the same time, there is a shock because you quit old pattern of unhealthy habits. However, if you have a new healthy vision of yourself, it's better to follow your heart and walk on your own, not to joining  in unhealthy activities such as smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. Do not just follow the crowd  as a sheep with no guidance! If your friends eat unhealthy food, you might finish up eating unhealthy food as well. However, later at your home, you are regretting this and promising not to do this again. It would be nice to be focused on healthy nutrition, and not to let anyone take you of your goals. Do not forget you are growing as a person all the time and sometimes when you are on  your own that is when you genuinely start knowing yourself.

Or instead, invite your friends to your house and teach them how to make a healthy meal. In this way, you will empower and give knowledge to your friends about healthy nutrition. Or find the exercise that you love and invite your friends to join you in this activity, such as running in the local park. Together you will not only build a healthy friendship but also exercise for longer. Or at least invite your friends for a walk and talk next time, walking is one of the easiest and the best activities to start your healthy lifestyle.It is also the best stress reliever. Aim for at least 10,000 daily steps. Become a healthy influence yourself!

Fact: your friends will define you!

Tomas Vaicelis