Sugar and energy drinks, 4 habits that cost 500 euros or more a year

You would not eat 22 spoons of sugar. Why are you drinking them?

Sugar and energy drinks

Sugar is a very sweet compound, mostly found in plants such as sugarcane or sugar beet. Sadly, but any type of sugar is a highly addictive substance. Evidently, sugar can be more addictive than some type of drugs. It is true that most of us daily crave for something sweet, the weather is a bar of chocolate or a soft drink. In fact, sugar has no real nutrition value no vitamins or fibre, especially if eaten from baked goods such as biscuits or cakes. However, it has massive amounts of empty and easy calories. Too much sugar can interfere with the healthy body metabolism. There is a huge amount of information that sugar is to blame for the crisis of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. In fact, many of the governments started to introduce sugar tax, trying to decrease sugar consumption. Evidently, we consume twice or more sugar the recommended daily allowance. However, this blog post is not about how sugar is bad for our health. We are going to examine the sugar addiction cost to our wallets. And you will see that it cost a lot in the longer term.

Let's have a look at how this unhealthy habit could cost for us. Manufacturers know that sugar is addictive, so they add sugar to many of the products we consume daily. It enhances the flavor and taste and prolongs the shelf life. Sometimes, the cheaper forms of sugar such as glucose-fructose syrup, other times they add artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Anyway, we want something sweet most of the time so how much does it cost the sweet tooth habit. Let's look at the bare minimum and assume that if a person only buys one sweet chocolate bar and a can of coke daily.

Let's assume bars of chocolate and can of coke on average cost approx. 2 euros. This means that in 365 multiplied by 2 equals to approx. 700 euros yearly. So this is what we spend on this unhealthy habit on a yearly basis. For me, it's a lot of money I could spend on other things, for example, doing myself a grocery shopping for a year. We only looked at the minimum amount of money. In many cases the average is much bigger, so your sweet tooth habit could run into 1000 of euros.


Tomas Vaicelis