Fast food, 4 habits that cost you 500 euros or more a year

East or west home food is the best


What is fast food? It's supposed to be prepared and served very quickly. It's not necessarily the truth, and in many cases, it has less nutritious values, specifically vitamins and, minerals. However, it has a massive amount of empty calories. Now, where do they come from? Why it so calorific, because normally, fast food is prepared in advance, and engineered in the laboratories. They add huge amounts of fat, sugar and salt. To put simply, we crave for things we cannot find easily. And, normally since very old times fat, sugar and salt were luxury ingredients. Not anymore, nowadays they are abundant and on every corner. You could say that we live in the great times. But it cost a lot to our wallet if we are eating fast food daily. In the longer term, it can cost a lot of money.

Let's have a look at how much fast food unhealthy habit will cost to our finances. Not to make things to scary, for a starter let have a look at the bare minimum cost. To simplify things let's take just an easy and cheap breakfast example. I remember times when I used to get a scone or a croissant for my breakfast every day as a morning treat, and I did it for a couple of years.

The average price of a scone or croissant are approx. 1 euro. So if I do it every day for a year that will cost a minimum of 365 euros. That looks like a massive amount of money just for the scone or croissant. So much just for an innocent morning treat or lunch snack.

Second, let's have a look at this if I buy for lunch some fast food as well. I remember times when I love getting a wrap or a sandwich. Let's, say that the average minimum price of these products approx. is 3 euros. So if we multiply 3 by 365 days in a year, that works out approx. 1000 euros. As a result, a morning scone and wrap for lunch would probably cost approx. 1500 euros per year.


Tomas Vaicelis