How to tweak your environment?

"The best way to change your habits is to control your environment"

Why changing your environment can help?

Have you ever thought about how our environment affects what we do?   The environment is probably one of the most important factors to consider when trying to change a habit.  If you want to exercise more make sure you to change your environment to help make good habits easy to engage in and bad habits very difficult.  

The first thing to do is to analyse your current environment.  Look at the things that reinforce the current habit, are the sweets easy to see and reach for? Is the TV remote beside your hand when you sit on the couch?  Are the cigarettes always in your pocket? Then look at the things that prevent you from doing the good habit.  Are your workout clothes in the back of the drawer? Is there no space to exercise properly? Is there no healthy food in the house? These are the things you need to change.  

So how do I start? Start with some small changes, for example, if you watch too much TV try taking the batteries out of the TV controller and hide them somewhere or even better throw out TV!  Hide the sweets in a top cupboard out of reach and out of sight.  Remove cigarettes from your pocket when you get home and place them somewhere that requires you to get up.  If you are planning to workout next day, try to make a ritual of it, for example prepare your equipment and workout clothes the night before so you can see it easily and your mind begins to adjust to the idea of exercising that day. Prepare some healthy snacks or a smoothie before you exercise to make it easier to engage with the exercise. Write some motivating quotes on a white sheet of paper where it is easy to see. Simply put, you must make the exercise easy to engage in and the bad habit very difficult to engage in.

Sometimes you need to find new positive and active friends to push you and motivate. For example, joining running or circuit classes at your local park or finding like minded friends, with whom you can run. These friends will work as an increased motivation to engage in exercise on a regular basis.

The secret is to make it as easy as possible for the new habit to emerge and stay.  And remember a positive mindset is the key for this too.  Believe in yourself, stay focused, reinforce yourself with positive words in the hard moments and think about the long term benefits.

Every workout counts





Tomas Vaicelis