Why to make your own food?

“Habit if not resisted soon becomes a necessity” Exercise? I thought you meant extra fries

How restaurants and eateries influence our eating habits?

Interesting fact; many of our habits are formed by others, such as the government, your local restaurant or fast food outlet. Sometimes what we do and what we eat is decided for us.  Take for example your local chipper or fast food take away, they influence what we eat and how much we eat and very often in a bad way.   

When you think about it, human bodies comes in different sizes and with different metabolisms.  One person can be 60 kg and the other can be 100 kg.  So, why  the portion sizes are  nearly the same for everyone at your local restaurant or eatery?   Did you know that according to one research done in America, most meals served in restaurants were more than 1000 calories for an adult?  This is over double what is recommended we eat in one sitting by the World health organisation.  

These recommendations also vary depending on your age and gender.  However despite these recommendations we are all served meals of the same size. Also, this give us the wrong impression of how much we should be serving in each meal at home and  we copy these portions at home.  Serving the exact same plates for everyone no matter their body type, age or gender is a good example of how your local eatery influences your eating habits in a bad way. Specifically, if they serve you the CRAP and not healthy food.

Moreover,  in many cases the food served lacks nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The lack of these are contributing to many chronic diseases and deficiencies. It would be nice that chasing of the profit would not be the first priority of many food companies. They change our environment in such way that it is very difficult not to engage in some bad eating habits.  Do  we have to drink a soft drink instead of pure water and eat food with lots of added sugar, salt and fat?  Sometimes we just do what they want us to do and they form our habits.  

It is important to be aware of these influences when we eating out and to alter where we eat and what we eat.  Sometimes, it is healthier to leave some food behind or to have half your meal wrapped up for takeaway than to eat it all in one sitting. Evidently, cooking your own healthy food at home is one of the most efficient ways.This will  allow you to serve the right portion size and all the calories and nutrients that you need in your meal.

Make your own healthy food at home and save money, environment and your health!



Tomas Vaicelis