Why exercise is such a briliant medicine?

"Let exercise be your stress reliever"

Why exercise is still the best medicine?

It's official, exercise is probably the most powerful medicine known to humankind. It's an age-old cliche that is so relevant in our modern life. Our bodies are designed to move, but in our modern lives this has become more difficult to do. We are becoming less and less active as a result of technology and office based working lives. Modern conveniences allow us to become lazy and move less, why take the stairs when there is an escalator!

In fact, our sedentary lifestyle has become the smoking of our generation and more people are dying from diseases caused by inactivity such as obesity or diabetes. I know it sounds strange but more and more people are dying from inactivity and the only way to overcome this is to move and exercise more, just be active.  Well, I like to call exercise the holy grail we been searching for for so long and it's the number one habit on many people's to do list. The exercise are so beneficial to our health and well-being. We can always find time and a place to exercise here and now, anywhere and anytime. There is no need to go to the gym!

Interestingly, it is proven that it can prevent and treat almost any chronic disease, including some types of cancer.  Obviously, exercise can help to improve the function of the heart and lungs, promote muscle growth, make our bones stronger and even enhance the immune system. However, it also has less obvious benefits to other parts of our bodies such as our brain.

Our body and our brain are two connected systems and we need to always remember this.  Studies have shown that people with better fitness levels have a bigger hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for the memory. It means that not only are our muscles growing but when you exercise you are getting smarter and your memory is improving. How cool is that! These are just some of the many proven benefits of exercise.

Every workout counts



Tomas Vaicelis