Why exercise is the keystone healthy habit?

"An acquired behavior pattern, regularly followed, until it has become almost involuntary and tends to occur subconsciously"

Why  exercise habit?

At Workouthabit we aim to create a daily exercise and healthy nutrition habit because we believe that it's the most important habit  to start a healthy lifestyle. We want to establish workouts as an automatic enjoyable practice.  We are sad about the fact that physical inactivity, workplace stress, anxiety and obesity epidemics are the major public health concerns of 21st century and it must be addressed immediately.  It is a well-proven fact that moderate daily exercise combined with wholesome nutrition are the best remedies for most of our health problems. Be active, healthy and happy and make exercise part of your day and life.

You have probably heard many times that exercise is very beneficial to you in many ways. It is a well known and proven fact that exercise has not only physical but also many psychological and emotional benefits. It also helps as to feel happier and more relaxed.  In fact, daily moderate exercise is probably the best medicine from many ailments and it considerably improves our well being.  Well, it sounds simple, exercise more and eat healthily and your well being will improve dramatically.

 However, it is actually very difficult to start to exercise and eat healthily, or change other lifestyle habits. No wonder they are called habits!  The major problem is that our lives are mostly controlled by other habits, which sometimes have a negative impact on our health.  In fact, our habits are developed when we are children and in our later lives we are controlled by these habits. You are a lucky one if you have good habits such as daily exercise instead of long hours of TV watching, eating an apple instead of chocolate and drinking pure water instead of soft drink. Exercise is the number one habit to acquire.

Bla bla bla go workout now
Tomas Vaicelis