Why to start with the KISS principle?

KISS principle was designed by navy seals. And proves that most systems works best if it less complicated. Keep it simple stupid. Keep it simple silly. Keep it short silly!

 Why LOVE yourself and start with a  KISS?

     Here is my advice of how to start a workout habit. First, if you really want to establish a life-long workout habit you could start with a KISS or  Keep it Simple Stupid Principle. This principle will help you to start your action plan and do not overthink and over-complicate things.

    Next,they say that you are the average of your 5 friends. So find new friends to workout!  You could just start with some easy and fun group exercise classes such as walking in the park with your friends for 10-15 minutes a day, and adding 5 minutes every week. The most important thing here is to get into a habit of working out.

    Here is what I suggest, you could start with a daily 15 minutes walking habit, because it's easy and it's free. The most important thing is to start and be active every day. Did you know that by only walking extra 15 minutes  every day you will add approx. 3 years to your life expectancy? How about if you could join 10,000 daily steps challenge?

  The biggest mistake you can make is to get attached to results, as in every day checking the scales to see if you lost that pound of body fat. You must remember that workout habit is a long term lifestyle  change. It's hard, but you can do it! So make it really easy for yourself, make your workout a habit! And keep it simple, small, short, straightforward, easy, uncomplicated!   Just do it!

Every workout counts