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We have a vision of healthier workplace. Transform your unused space into a wellness and health zone for your employees
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Indoor series designed for:

  • Fitness gyms and sport centers
  • Outdoor and sport shops 
  • CrossFit boxes
  • Calisthenics gyms
  • Individuals and private housing teritories
  • Military, police and firefighter deparments

Outdoor series designed for:

  • Municipalities
  • Public and sport schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Charities and non govermental organisations
  • Big companies who want to give back to community
  • Property developing and construction companies




Para series designed for:

  • Body workout and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities
  • To ease integration of people with disabilities into social life of the  society
  • Boosting health of the society

Parkour series designed for:

  • Specialized workout areas for practicing free running

Interesting FACT# Did you know, that you can claim the full cost against your tax bill, if you put fitness equipment and shower for your employees? You can write off 15% of the cost annually for the first 6 years and 10% in the 7 year. Essentially, you can build mini health and wellnesss zone for free.