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Hire and retain top talent! Corporate fitness revolution 2019
Shocking facts# Did you know that it can cost approx. 30000 euros to replace your staff member?
— Anonymous
Warning-exercise has been known to cause health and happiness.
Do you want to give it a try?
Do you want to win this talent war and show to your employees that you care about their well-being?

About the founder

At the age of 25, I had  a complete physical and mental breakdown. This had a very profound impact on me, essentially changing my life and career paths. I was curious about the root reasons, which might have caused all this mess. It was obvious, I  had  too many unhealthy habits, such as; multitasking, addiction to  technology and  constant stress in the workplace. I had no information and awareness of how to manage stress and time.There was no workplace wellness programme for employees,which could act as a guide. 

I had questions: How to live  healthier lifestyle? What is stress and how to manage it? What are the key factors?  I discovered, that  the most basic healthy lifestyle factors are: clean nutrition, daily exercise, being mindful of the present moment and having good sleep/rest. However, this was only the start, because there are so much more to learn about the other  healthy lifestyle tweaks and daily healthy rituals.

For example, did you know that extensive sitting can be as harmful as smoking?In fact, the human body is designed to move and to be active and not to sit all day. However, extensive sitting has become modern day problem. In the longer term, it destroys our correct body posture and increases muscle imbalances. Apparently,  we are sitting too much and we are sleeping not enough.  We want to help you to rediscover movement and exercise, through  creative, simple and functional calisthenics workouts.

Or else, did you know that digital devices and technology can also be very addictive and distracting? Nowadays, in the workplace sometimes we spend too much time on silly social media platforms and apps, this substantially decreases quality of our work. How do you manage your  distractions at work? How do you manage your attention and focus on your daily tasks? 

Employees are your organization’s most valuable assets. Invest into wellness and health. Cultivate positive workplace environment


Fact# Workplace wellness programmes, increase employees satisfaction and productivity, decrease absenteeism, boost morale, help to recruit and retain talent


Do you want to win this talent war

 Send your employees to paid awesome workations


Why us?

Save the  resources related to the organizing

Retain and hire the best talent 

Engage your workforce

Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity 





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We organize your team workation from A to Z


Feeling exercise guilt? We have a way to get you there
Happiness inspires productivity
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
Collect moments not things
Keep calm and treat yourself for wellness retreat in Portugal

About accomodation

For our Portuguese fall retreat will be staying in tepee tents. Immerse yourself in a simple, eco friendly and sustainable environment. Give yourself a chance to unplug from digital technology and multitasking. Give yourself a chance to slow down and switch of and recharge your batteries. Tipi valley is nestled in a beautiful location of Algarve just couple minutes away from the beach. Start your day with a sunrise and a yoga session in the beach. On you free time go surfing, hiking and exploring nearby place of interest. In the evening go fitness circuit class  organized by our instructors. Go eco and get in touch with nature with this natural and eco friendly retreat! Find balance of your body, mind and spirit

Room types and prices

Single bed in shared tipi 1375 euros

Shared bed in small private tipi 1375 euros



                Portugal Oct 2017


Retreat includes

5 nights accommodation at amazing location

1 daily yoga class  and meditation

3  healthy locally sourced meals based on flexible nutrition philosophy

1 fitness class based on circuit, high intensity interval and strength training


Not included

Airfare to the Airport( nearest airport is Faro)

Transport to and from airport( can be organized at additional cost)

Travel insurance( minimal cost)