Freelance writers for #1 wellness portal

Contract type: Freelance

Location: Cork, Republic of Ireland

What you will do

We are looking for an ambitious writers to lead innovative blog developments at Workouthabit.

*What does the core role include? *

  • Develop and explore new ideas, initiatives and products / services

  • Set expectations and provide guidance with assigned Blog topics to :

  • Understand and agree on business wellness priorities 2. Explore innovative opportunities

What we are looking for

Important: normally, we will assign you the topics from the category , however we are open to creative suggestions.

1.Chose general category: choices are, Attention and Stress management, Office workout, Office nutrition, Habits, Mindset and Motivation, Personal Development.

2. We will send you the title related to the category you choose.

3. Draft a complete article we will review the article and give feedback if necessary.


Minimum of 1200 of high quality words.

Original, personal and honest work.

Do not try to rephrase articles from other websites.

Can not be published anywhere else including your own blog.

We offer original content.

You can not republish article without our permission

In 2-3 sentences you may reference your name, what you do, your website, social media.

Skills Required

  • Can edit, proof reed and write creative articles on wellness

  • Demonstrated leadership and self-direction

  • Immediate comfort and experience with agile scrum methodology, project management tools and user story/feature road mapping tools

Recruitment Process

CV Screening 

Send us 2 minutes video of why you want to work with us?

HR Interview

Tomas Vaicelis