Freelance wellness and fitness professionals

Contract type: Freelance

Location: Cork, Republic of Ireland

What you will do

We are looking for an ambitious wellness and fitness professionals to lead innovative workplace wellness programs developments at Workouthabit.

*What does the core role include? *

  • Develop and explore new ideas, initiatives and products / services

  • Set expectations and provide guidance with assigned workplaces to :

  • Understand and agree on business wellness priorities 2. Explore innovative opportunities

What we are looking for

Skills Required

  • Fully qualified, insured and with certifications

  • Demonstrated leadership and self-direction

  • Immediate comfort and experience with agile scrum methodology, project management tools and user story/feature road mapping tools

Recruitment Process

CV Screening 

Send us 2 minutes video of why you want to work with us?

HR Interview

Tomas Vaicelis