How to exercise outdoors? What is the magic of simple WALK?


An early morning walk is blessing for the whole day

The W or the walk is a fundamental move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once. Also, swing your arms to generate momentum. It's essential to walk with a good posture, which is much easier on the body and helps to avoid back pain. It's a complete total body workout which works every part of our body. Walking is the best healthy habit to obtain, and it can become the most enjoyable part of your day. In fact, going for a walk is probably the best, the cheapest and easiest exercise you can do for your healthy lifestyle. So go out there and start your healthy lifestyle plan with the minimum 30 minutes of daily walking. And over time aim to increase it to a minimum of 10000 daily steps challenge. And no need to do it all at once, you can do it in 3 parts. Walk 15 minutes to work, 15 minutes back from work, 30 minutes during your lunch hour.  And sitting too much destroys our correct walking posture. That's why we have to have a correct posture.


·         It's the best total body fundamental functional cardio move

·         It's a very low risk and perfect for beginners

·         It's probably the easiest, the cheapest and the simplest exercise to start your healthy lifestyle

Body position

·         Walk tall, nice and relaxed lead with your head

·        Swing your arms naturally back and forward as you walk to generate extra momentum

·         Keep your arms bent at 90 degrees

·         Opposite arms and leg should be swinging together.

·         Keep your hands open or rest your thumb on your first finger

·         Standing straight and tall

·         Do not arch your back and do not lean forward or backwards

·         Start with your head, whatever your head goes your body will follow

·         Keep your neck and head neutral

·         Your ears directly over your shoulder

·         Pull your shoulder gently down and lift your chest slightly

·         Your chin tucked in and paralleled to the ground

·         Keep your Jan nice and relaxed

·         Look forward and directly about couple meters away from you

·         Keep your posture relaxed not tight; it will prevent knots


·         The easiest way is to imagine that you have a balloon attached to the crown of your head

·         It is holding your head

·         Your head is floating lightly on top of your neck

·         If you drop your head lose your body will move out of alignment and good posture

·         Engage your core to protect your spine

·         Focus on your head, and your body will follow

·         Keep your hips leveled roll them minimally

·         Keep your knees slightly bent and in line with hips and feet

·         Feet hit the floor with the heel first and have a rolling motion from heel until the toe

·         Push off with a big toe and move to the next step  



·         Don't walk with chin down, too much strain on back and neck

·         Don't walk with tight and stressed shoulders, too much tension in arms and neck

·         Don't walk with clenched jaw and fists; it can increase tension in shoulders and neck

·         Don't walk with arms tightly at side swing them and increase the calorie burn

·         Don't swing arms too high than chest they just helping and legs do the most work

·         Don't overstride with front leg this can cause pain and injury


Shrug and relax your shoulders

Clench and unclench your fists imagine there is an eggs in your hands

Activate your core to imagine someone is punching you.

Tomas Vaicelis