How to exercise at home? Simple workout series PUSH UP.


Today rise up and push yourself to the limits

Acronym PU stands for push up. It's super functional, cheap and simple calisthenics total body exercise. It translates well in our real-world activities; it teaches our muscles to work in harmony with one another. If you could choose one upper body exercise, it would be the PU. PU is one of the foundational functional body movements, the same as the squat. PU will help you to improve your posture, core strength and become better in everything from running better to swimming more. However, good warm up and proper technique is essential for PU same as any exercise. How to perform safe PU? Always full range of motion and perfect form. Quality over quantity.  Always keep your body tight and engaged. Always brace your core as preparing for a punch. Keep breathing!


·         It's a total body functional  exercise focus on upper body

·         It’s  a fantastic exercise for fat burning and better metabolism

·         It's a great way to build up muscle mass in your entire body not only arms, core and back.

Body position

·         Start in high plank position, straight as an arrow.

·         Arms straight and supporting your weight

·         Screw your arms into the floor.

·         Hands directly under shoulders, palms firm and fingers spread

·         Hands slightly wider than the shoulders width apart

·         Middle finger straight up and away from you.

·         Lean slightly forward your shoulders, so forearms stay vertical

·         Elbows in close to your body, imagine you squeezing something in your armpit.

·         Pull shoulders down and away from your ears

·         Head position, looking slightly ahead of you.

·         Body straight as an arrow from top of your head down through your knees.

·         Your core, body engaged, clench your butt and tighten your abs and glutes

·         Position your feet, so it's right to you, but preferably keep feet together.


·         Lower yourself until your elbows reach 90 degrees angle or smaller.

·         Let your chest hit the floor, pause slightly,

·         Push back with explosion until your arms are straight again

·         Breath in when going down, breath out when pushing back.


·      Do not hold your breath. Breathing is very important. Inhale going down. Exhale on return.

·         Do not arch  your back

·         Do not let your but stick out or dip at any point during the move.

·         Do not look down or up, focus on a point 3 feet away.

·         Do not flare your elbows doing T and let it come too far to the side, think arrow.

·         Don't let forearms not to remaining vertical.

·         Don't do partial push-ups. Do nice full ones, with perfect form


Tomas Vaicelis