How to exercise at home?Simple workout series ARCHED BODY HOLD


An arch consists of two weaknesses, which leaning against the other makes strenght and super core. 

Acronym ABH stands for arched body hold. This exercise is a part of functional foundation movements for the back. It's brilliant movement to strengthen your posterior chain muscles such as hamstrings, glutes, shoulders. It looks like a very simple and basic bodyweight move which comes from gymnastics. At the same time it's a very hard and effective exercise for your core and back. This move will expose any weaknesses you have in your backside. Now because we are sitting too much all day, we are very tight on the front side of the body, such as abs, chest, quads and chest. ABH will help you to strengthen back side of the body, but also stretch front side of the body. How to perform safe ABH?Always full range of motion and perfect form. Quality over quantity.  Always keep your body tight and engaged. Always brace your core as preparing for a punch. Keep breathing!



·         It's a total body functional  exercise

·         It’s  a fantastic exercise for fat burning and better metabolism

·         It's a great way to build up not only a steel core but other muscles.

·         It's a very low risk of injury

·         It works entire back side of your body

Body position

·         Lie flat face down  on your stomach

·         Arms to the side

·         Legs flat and straight How?

·         Stretch your legs as far as you can

·         Point your toes at the same time

·         Stretch your arms overhead as far as you can

·         Arch your body as much as possible

·         Lift upper and lower body as high as you can

·         Engage your back and glutes

·         Engage all your body nice and tight

·         If moving, it's too difficult, keep your arms on the floor beside your body

·         Or you can bend your legs

·         Hold for at least 1 minute and increase to 3 minutes overtime


·         Keep your chin tucked throughout, Don’t move your head and neck.

·         Breathe normally and avoid holding your breath.

·         Keep your elbows slightly flexed.

·         Avoid hyperextending your back by raising and  lifting your legs too high.

Tomas Vaicelis