How to exercise at home? Simple workout series HOLLOW BODY HOLD.


I do 5 sit ups every morning, may not sound like much, but there is only so many times you can hit the snooze button. 

Acronym HBH stands for hollow body hold. It's probably the best core exercise in the world. HBH will help you to establish core strength, and a strong core is essential for exercise. It will help you to have better posture, body weight strength and utilize the body as one unit. When you start HBH, you could probably forget for a while about your crunches and sit-ups. It will help you to build rock-solid core and abs.  All level gymnasts start with HBH and build steel cores with this move. This exercise will help you to create total tension in your body. By doing HBH, you will also save your back and neck, because it does not put the same pressure as other exercises such as sit-ups. It's a relatively safe and simple total core exercise, but it's very effective and efficient. How to perform safe HBH? Always full range of motion and perfect form. Quality over quantity.  Always keep your body tight and engaged. Always brace your core as preparing for a punch. Keep breathing!



·         It's a total body functional  exercise with a focus on core strength

·         It’s  a fantastic exercise for fat burning and better metabolism

·         It's a great way to build up not only a steel core but also other muscles.

·         It's a very low risk of injury

·         It works entire front side of your body

Start Body position

·         Laying flat on the floor

·         Keep lower back pressed against the floor.

·         Draw your bellybutton to the floor

·         Keep your neck neutral how

·         Raise your arms overhead

·         Raise your  legs straight up couple inches above the floor

·         Crunch your shoulder up

·         Stretch your spine and contract your abs

·         Tighten your core as you bracing for a punch

·         Hold this position for a particular time, for example, start with 20 seconds

·         Push lower back into the floor throughout the movement

·         Beginners start with only half body holds legs or arms or bent leg holds, shins parallel to the ground

·         Intermediate combine all the moves together

·       Advanced, hollow body rocks and weighted HBH. Hold weight between arms and legs.

·         Full position arms extended straight overhead squeezing the ears and legs straight out, toes pointed and heels inches of the floor.

·         HBH challenge all the muscles such as hip flexors, abs, obliques

·         Work to hold for at least a 1 minute but increase to 3 minutes overtime.


·         Do not just hold arms and legs in the air, make your body hollow.

·         Do not let your lower back come up on the floor

·         Do not arch your back

·         Do not keep the shoulder to low

·         Do not lift legs to high


Tomas Vaicelis