How to exercise at home? Simple workout series SQUAT


Be a bad as with a good ass

Acronym SQ stands for Squat. It's super functional, cheap and simple exercise for the lower body. It translates well in our real world activities. The squat is one of the foundational functional body movements. It's our natural position when we need to pick up something from the ground, think of the babies. However, sitting more than 8 hours a day, unnaturally, tightens the muscles and destroys our good squatting technique. That's why many people cannot execute a good squat. Also, when you squat your work your biggest muscles of the body such as glutes, so you lose more fat. Your body burns more calories when you work biggest muscles such as legs and butt. In, fact squat is a very intense exercise, which our body increases anabolic hormone production, and in turn, builds other parts of the body such as arms. However, good warm up and proper technique is essential for an SQ and any other exercise. How to perform a safe squat? Always full range of motion and perfect form. Quality over quantity.  Always keep your body tight and engaged. Always brace your core as preparing for a punch. Keep breathing!


·         It's a vital functional compound exercise for lower body

·         It’s  a fantastic exercise for fat burning and better metabolism

·         It's a great way to build up muscle mass in your entire body, legs, butt, arms, core, shoulders and back.

Body position

·         Always engage and brace your core, this helps to keep proper form

·         Keep spine and neck in a neutral position.

·         Look forward.

·         Heels in, toes out, feet shoulder width or slightly wider apart

·         Always keep your body tight and engaged how?

·         Start position

·         Hip position rotated forward. Break at your hip. Push your butt slightly back.

·         This helps to keep lower back nice, tight and safe.

·         Keep chest up and shoulders back.

·         Execute the movement. Imagine you are sitting back in the chair

·         Breath in when going down, breath out when you are coming up

·         Squat deep until your hips pass parallel and are lower than your knees.

·         Knees tracking the big toes all the way through the movement. Keep your knees in line with your big toes. Keep knees centered.

·         Pick up a spot in front of you and focus on it all the through the movement.

·         Drive through your heels and keep balls of your feet on the ground.

·         Push back to start position.


·         Do not hold your breath. Breathing is essential.

·         Do not round your lower back or shoulders.

·         Do not look down or up.

·         Do not let your knees to come forward and pass over your toes.

·         Do not let your knees to go outside or inside of the foot.

·         Do not do partial squats. Squat deep not less than parallel.

Tomas Vaicelis