Why to cancel your typical gym membership?Set up your own DIY workout gym at your home?


"The more you let go the higher your rise"

It was probably the best thing I ever did when I canceled my gym membership. Interestingly, I gained back my freedom and I  even exercise more in my room. Also, I exercise more outdoors, such as running in my local park or sport grounds. I am using minimal equipment as possible. And I am doing more body weight type of training which is functional and is helping to avoid injuries.

How many of you been feeling guilty not exercising enough? You want to look good, be fit,be healthy and just exercise more. But the gym is just not for you something's is not right in the typical gym nowdays? I am not being completely  anti-gym here, I like some of them which are quality focused, but not quantity, innovative and creative. I like to use the  swimming pool and sauna, because it's nice and comforting in the dark and cold winter months. But other than that, I think that a typical gym membership is a complete waste of money and your time.

10 exercise hacks of setting up your own workout gym at home.

  1. Make some space for the exercise, so declutter and clean your room from all the things you do not need, just get rid of them, donate, sell and etc.

  2. Make your own home pull up bar by reusing some old pipes or buy cheap online.

  3. Do it yourself home workout  equipment, such as wooden parallettes.

  4. Use the chair to do the tricep dips.

  5. Use duct tape and old tractor inner tube to make your own sandbag for lifting.

  6. Use some old garden or old fire hoses fill them with sand to make your own battle ropes.

  7. Get a yoga mat.

  8. Get a foam roller or tennis ball to massage yourself

  9. Put sand or water in empty soda bottles and use as  dumbbells

  10. Fill empty milk jug with water or wet sand and you have a kettlebell.








Tomas Vaicelis