Why to cancel your typical gym membership? Learn about 10 benefits


"Sweat, smile repeat and just do it, just start to exercise"

There are too many solutions, just look around you and do your research. There are so many new apps, blogs, and other helpful online tools just waiting for you. The body weight functional training is the best especially if someone could teach you the proper technique. Get the experienced coach who can help you with the basics and then you can exercise on your own. Start to exercise in your home and use everything that is available to you. You do not have to the gym if you want to exercise.

10 benefits of not going to the gym:

1. The smartest thing to do is to exercise at home and set up your own home gym. You can buy some light equipment with the money you saved not paying a gym membership.

2. Exercising at home will save lots of time and energy.

3. It’s excuse-proof. You always save around 2 hours by not going to the gym - think about this for a second.

4. You can always do random group classes just to shake things up and to get out of boredom, there so many to choose from.Group training is refreshing and motivating if you have a helpful instructor and your class is not overcrowded.

5. Sign up with a qualified wellness coach or personal trainer, who could to come to your house and give you advice, how to warm up, exercise, cool down and stretch especially if you are not experienced, test you, track your progression.

6.Watch blogs and read how to cook healthy meals at home.

7. Improve nutrition. Shop for healthy food yourself and get advice from experienced shoppers, blogs,and videos.

8.Get professional advice on how to set up your home gym and exercise.

9.The best thing about exercising at home is that you save time, cook your own meal straight after exercise, save money on fuel, save time, take your own shower, and no one is staring at you and distracting you.

 10. What are you waiting for?Stop thinking about going to the gym and make your own gym at home; learn some techniques online and be your own boss.Join the creative and straightforward workout revolution!


Tomas Vaicelis