Why to start functional body weight training?


"If you want it, workout for it, is that simple"

The good news is that you can achieve a tremendous amount of functional strength by only purely working with your body. No need of gyms and heavyweights. Bodyweight exercises are particularly important for beginners. There are many advantages, with the most important advantage being that bodyweight exercises are functional and corrects our bad postural habits which are developed when we sit all day incorrectly.

The natural movements such as push up, squat, lunge, pull up we humans have been using for thousands of years in daily life.This movements will help develop proper exercise techniques and correct postures. I always get frustrated when in the gym everyone are taught how to use weights are not adequately assessed on general flexibility and simple natural movements such as push up, squat, lunge, pull up, sit up.

These exercises tell a lot about individuals general fitness level and can be used as a foundation. According to many researches, functional bodyweight training is much safer and more comfortable on your body. In almost any real-world daily activity, we mostly move or push our body weight around. Our body is the best anti-gravity machine ever designed and engineered.

Moreover, the body weight exercises such as push up are considered, closed kinetic chain exercises, where you move your body. Open chain kinetic exercise is bench pressing the barbell in the gym; here you are lifting the weight or the barbell.This way it's more beneficial especially for beginners to start with a closed kinetic exercise where you move, lift and push your body.

And that's what functional body exercises are training us to do, to move our body against gravity. Body weight training removes excessive stress on joints because it uses more natural range of motion for any individual. On top of that bodyweight exercises are considered compound and multi-joint exercises, which work several muscle groups at the same time. Which in turn releases more growth hormones and promotes more muscle growth and helps to lose more fat. You body becomes aesthetic, lean and functional.

As can be seen, functional bodyweight training has too many benefits, especially if you not planning on becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Combining a deep and correct breathing technique with the bodyweight exercise will make the exercise mindful, connecting your mind and body.

Push up/ Air squat/ Sit up/ choose number of rounds or total reps/ 1-10 rounds/50 reps/100 reps/ 200 reps/  For beginners start with only 5 repetitions of  each exercise, no more than 2 minutes per day, pick a specific time for example after waking up.

Tomas Vaicelis