Why to cancel your typical gym membership?Most importantly, if you are not going to the gym.


"You earn your body only you"

Does this sound familiar to you?

1.  You will save lots of cash, time and nerves in the longer term.In fact,the typical mass gym builds a business model around knowing that someone will not show up at all. However, you probably already were tricked by the annual membership deals in January, aren't you? They have good marketing teams.You are the best customer if you are not going to the gym and just paying the membership fee, are you one of them? How much you pay? Would it not be better if you save this money?

2.     Eating healthier and slower at home

3.     Investing money in the motivating group classes you like such as dancing,HIIT, boxing and etc.

4.     Buy your equipment and build your own gym at home

5.    You will sick less, have fewer allergies and rashes. In fact, many gyms, locker rooms, showers, and saunas are breeding ground for various bacteria and the viruses.

6.    You will stay focused for longer.The gym puts you in a monotonous routine where you start losing your focus very fast. Make your exercise creative and minimalistic. Simple is beautiful!

7.     You will be liberated and gain your freedom back. In the gym you have no freedom, you have to follow the way they are designed. Not much creativity in the most gyms. 

8.     You will save time. Just think for a moment how much time you need to get to the gym? The total time after you leave your home than drive to the gym, park the car, did the workout, the locker room, the sauna, shower, driving back home. It takes at least 2 or 3 hours of your precious time a day. The rest is just a waste of logistics time: going to the gym, driving, locker, waiting time, etc. Can you be more efficient if you exercise at home or local park? Ask yourself this?

9.    You will exercise more often.Time is precious, and attention is even more precious.

10.  You will lose weight.Think about these protein bars, sandwich, soft drink you buy at the gym; they are like grocery stores nowadays, selling not healthy food and drinks. 

11.   You will eat slowly and cheaply at home. Think about the healthy food that you can prepare for an extra 5 euros at your home. You could make all your healthy eating and exercise transformation by not going to the gym. You will save tones of money.

12.   You will get fewer injuries. Because in the gym we mostly work with the machines. These type of training only increases your injury rate, especially if is not supervised. Body weight training is proven to be functional which simulates our daily activities. We are pulling, pushing and moving our body against gravity all day long. Simple as that our body was designed as perfect anti-gravity machine. Use it as a whole unit! Move it as much as possible and sit less. Sitting is killing us!



Tomas Vaicelis