How to exercise outdoors?Start HIIT or high intensity interval training?


"Keep calm and HIIT it"

Did you know that according to many researches the high-intensity interval training is the best in fighting aging?According to research conducted in Mayo Clinic, two groups of people one aged between 18-30 and another between 60 to 85 did high-intensity training for three months. The decline of so-called mitochondria or power cells were reversed or stopped in both groups,but more importantly, it was more substantial in the older age group.

On top it helped to improve lung, heart and circulation health and VO max. In fact, HIIT training is one of the most beneficial training routines to incorporate into your exercise. Especially, for the older generation and those who have no time. How to start  this type of training? Typically, it combines short sprints and recovery periods of rest.

There are many known and studied interval training regimens;the most well-known is the so-called tabata training, popularised by Japanese Izumi Tabata, which experimented with ice skaters. The training consisted of 20 seconds of an intense short burst of activity combined with 10 seconds rest period and total exercise time for only 4 minutes.

It turns out that, by doing this type of exercise, athletes substantially improved they anaerobic capacity and overall performance in a shorter time than usual traditional training. In comparison to another group which was exercising for longer and more often a week. This shows that vigorous short exercise is an excellent choice.It turns out that, extreme vigorous activity for short max periods challenges human psychology to rapidly adapt to changes and regenerate itself at cellular level much faster.

However, this type of training could be a bit difficult to start for an inactive beginner. High-intensity type of training should be started with great caution and with only professional advice and full medical clearance from your doctor.



Tomas Vaicelis