10 easier ways to start your workout habit



  • KISS ( Keep it simple silly)

  • Start with exercise that is stupidly small,easy and simple

  • Always, exercise after emotional trigger or the cue( stress, boredom, anxiety, or right after you wake up, right after work, before or after you brush your teeth and etc.)

  • Reward yourself with something nice( simple as apple, water, a healthy smoothie, or more elaborated such as toss 1 euro into a jar after every workout

  • Fill up your water bottle and put your running shoes

  • Try 2 minutes rule( exercise no more than 2 minutes at the time, you not allowed to exercise more)

  • Develop a ritual and a habit( repeat it all over again, make it your routine, automatic, autopilot)

  • Set positive mindset and intention fill in this sentence and put it on your wall....... Next week I will exercise on DAY, at TIME and place, in PLACE

  • Focus on the habit and not the goal( Do not say I want to lose 10 kg, say I want to exercise every day for the next 30 days, but no more than 2 minutes per workout)

  • Get a logbook and write down your goals, plans and dreams


Tomas Vaicelis