How is your company handle workplace wellness programs?


Does Your Micro Enterprise Need a Workplace Wellness Plan?

Fact#Did you know that 80% of companies discovered that is much easier to hire new and retain top talent when you invest in employees well being.

As a small enterprise owner, your number one priority is sustaining your business' growth, success, and positive internal culture. However, it's often not easy to do that in a way that supports your employees well being while also cutting costs. That's why the implantation of a onsite workplace wellness program will prove to be a rare long- term win/win investment for your business.

Take leadership over your employees’ well being and offer a Workplace Wellness program to help them thrive. Companies that care and invest in their employees overall well being find it easier to hire and retain top talent. Did you know it costs more than €30,000 to replace a single staff member? Only recruitment agency will charge you 15-20% fee of the employees yearly salary.

What Is Workplace Wellness?

Many companies feel that Workplace Wellness is about using an app or digital tracking system, but these “programs” usually fail to fit the specific needs of your employees and they are unable to sponsor high levels of engagement, especially in the long-term.

Workplace Wellness not necessary to be a rigid system. Rather, it is an implementation customized to your business and your employees. A Workplace Wellness program will help to improve your employees' health and increase productivity. As an employer, you are able to offer your employees the wellness program which consists of the insurance premium discounts, subsidized gym memberships, cash rewards, and other incentives to participate in the program.

Why Does My Business Need It?

Workplace Wellness programs have been shown to keep employees healthier, happier, and even more productive. By launching a Workplace Wellness program, you show your employees that you care about their wellbeing and you also provide them with a jumpstart to begin caring more about their own health. You taking the leading role as a promoter of healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

Zenefits Insurance Services states: “ emphasis on employee health will save companies money in the long run. Aside from the financial benefits, participating companies often find that other aspects of the organization improve, including culture, mental health, collaboration, and even productivity.”

In other words, there are many reasons why your business needs to begin thinking about a Workplace Wellness program. It’s not just about long-term cost savings and workplace efficiency. It’s about building a stronger culture, increasing employee loyalty, and actually helping keep your employees happy and healthy both at work and in their lives as a whole.

The 4 Most Important Benefits

1.   Lower healthcare costs: “One key benefit of corporate wellness programs is that they can actually lower the cost of healthcare for participating employees. Forbes Magazine reported on a six-year study of PepsiCo employees which found that a program to manage chronic illness saved $3.78 for every dollar invested. That kind of return should encourage employers to start their own programs if they have not already.”

2.   Reduce stress. “An unbalanced work/life relationship can lead to high amounts of stress, which can have many negative consequences. As the Mayo Clinic noted, stress can even cause symptoms similar to those of illnesses. Physical symptoms can include headaches, insomnia, stomach pain and chest pain. Stress's effects on mental health can range from mood swings and outbursts to depression and lack of focus.”

3.   Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, retain top talent. “Companies with programs may also see fewer instances of absent workers as well as increased productivity and employee retention. Employee turnover can be a major drain on company resources, in terms of money, time and productive output. A study published in Seminars in Oncology Nursing noted that participating employees can become health advocates for their coworkers. By creating a culture of health, employees can encourage positive habits in their peers and improve the entire organization.”

4.  Building a culture of health. “The goal of developing a tangible culture is to lower turnover rates and attract top talent. Wellness programs can fit snugly into an existing company culture and bolster its positive effects. When speaking with patients, physicians can encourage patients to look into their company's programs and participate.”

How Can I Implement A Workplace Wellness Program?

The thing that holds many employers back from implementing a Workplace Wellness program is the initial planning and organization phase. Many businesses do not know where to start with the program and they are not certain what elements should be included.

Rather than choosing a “one size fits all” app or digital tracking system that will do very little to get your employees engaging with your Workplace Wellness program, it’s best to take a hands-on approach. The approach we take is much more practical. We offer on-site exercise and nutrition programs that involve personal, one-on-one interactions and guidance with your employees.

If you are considering implementing a Workplace Wellness program into your environment, ask us about the benefits and return on investment you could start seeing at your company. Outsource your workplace wellness to us and we will organize everything for you with our on-site and practical exercise, nutrition, mediation, and yoga that will be brought directly to your workplace.

You’ll be paying for practical engagement while your employees get to enjoy  a “learn by doing” approach that will have a significant and long-term positive impact on their health. Get in touch with us today.

" A ounce of practise is worth more than tons of preaching"

Mahatma Ghandi

Tomas Vaicelis