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We have a vision of  healthier  modern workplace. Our  21st century office is less hectic, sedentary, multi-tasking, distracting and more slow, mono-tasking, mindful, productive. We excel in getting results by finding the unique tension and balance between the work style and life style.Build better teams, push your limits, broaden your horizons in  travel. Have goals, visions and purpose. Be creative and think differently. Reinvent yourself and  become the champion of your own life. Work smarter, not harder. Love what you do and do what you love. Find meaning in your work.Everyday strive to be the best version of yourself. With each new, healthy habit, we stretch the boundaries of possibility to a more sustainable, meaningful and healthy life.

" Dream big.Be grateful.Exercise daily.Work smart"

Make your employees well-being a critical part of your company’s business

                 Our core values



We think differently, our vision is to be curious and work with new concepts and ideas of exercise, lifestyle, time and attention management in workplace.




Our strength is our adaptability to changing environment and conditions, we embrace change and see it as an opportunity to develop and learn.



We believe that quality, not quantity matters, whether in exercise, nutrition, sleep, friends, work or life itself.


We believe in a golden rule; to treat others the way we would like them to treat us.



Our 8 total wellness areas



Physical wellness

Simple, creative and revolutionary


Workplace wellness

Increase productivity and happiness of your employees, show that your company cares about their well-being


Workations and fitness retreats

Combine travel and work, hire better talent, build better teams, make your company better

Transform your unused space into a wellness and health zone for your employees.
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Indoor series designed for:

  • Fitness gyms and sport centers

  • Outdoor and sport shops

  • CrossFit boxes

  • Calisthenics gyms

  • Individuals and private housing territories

  • Military, police and firefighter departments


Outdoor series designed for:

  • Municipalities

  • Public and sport schools

  • Colleges and universities

  • Charities and non governmental organisations

  • Big companies who want to give back to community

  • Property developing and construction companies




Para series designed for:

  • Body workout and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities

  • To ease integration of people with disabilities into social life of the society

  • Boosting health of the society


Parkour series designed for:

  • Specialized workout areas for practicing free running