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We have a vision of  healthier  future and workplace. Our future is about  balancing our mind, body and spirit. Our  21st century workplace is less hectic, sedentary, multitasking and more slow, monotasking and mindful. We excel in getting results by finding the unique tension between the  healthy workplace and life. Push your limits and broaden your horizons in  travel. Have goals, visions and purpose. Be creative and think differently. Reinvent yourself and  become the champion of your own life. With each new, healthy habit, we stretch the boundaries of possibility to a more sustainable, meaningful and healthy life.

" Dream big.Be grateful.Exercise daily.Work smart"

Fact# Workplace wellness programmes, increase employees satisfaction and productivity, decrease absenteeism, boost morale, help to recruit and retain talent


About the founder

At the age of 25, I had  a complete physical and mental breakdown. This had a very profound impact on me, essentially changing my life and career paths. I was curious about the root reasons, which might have caused all this mess. It was obvious, I  had  too many unhealthy habits, such as; multitasking, addiction to  technology and  constant stress in the workplace. I had no information and awareness of how to manage stress and time.There was no workplace wellness programme for employees,which could act as a guide. 

I had questions: How to live  healthier lifestyle? What is stress and how to manage it? What are the key factors?  I discovered, that  the most basic healthy lifestyle factors are: clean nutrition, daily exercise, being mindful of the present moment and having good sleep/rest. However, this was only the start, because there are so much more to learn about the other  healthy lifestyle tweaks and daily healthy rituals.

For example, did you know that extensive sitting can be as harmful as smoking?In fact, the human body is designed to move and to be active and not to sit all day. However, extensive sitting has become modern day problem. In the longer term, it destroys our correct body posture and increases muscle imbalances. Apparently,  we are sitting too much and we are sleeping not enough.  We want to help you to rediscover movement and exercise, through  creative, simple and functional calisthenics workouts.

Or else, did you know that digital devices and technology can also be very addictive and distracting? Nowadays, in the workplace sometimes we spend too much time on silly social media platforms and apps, this substantially decreases quality of our work. How do you manage your  distractions at work? How do you manage your attention and focus on your daily tasks? 

Make your employees well-being a critical part of your company’s business

                 Our core values



We think differently, our vision is to be curious and work with new concepts and ideas of exercise, lifestyle, time and attention management in workplace.




Our strength is our adaptability to changing environment and conditions, we embrace change and see it as an opportunity to develop and learn.



We believe that quality, not quantity matters, whether in exercise, nutrition, sleep, friends, work or life itself.


We believe in a golden rule; to treat others the way we would like them to treat us.



Our 8 total wellness areas



Physical wellness

Simple, creative and revolutionary


Workplace wellness

Increase productivity and happiness of your employees

our 21 century workplace is creative and  different


Wellness travel

Combine travel and wellness, nourish yourself inside  and out, fuel your sense of adventure