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Were are you based?

No more pull ups on the trees and problems with the park security. Irish Street Workout and Calisthenics Organisation now own a super workout station were you can do the Pull ups, Dips, Muscle ups, Human flags and etc. On March 2018 Irish Street Workout and Calisthenics Organisation or ISWCO are based and cooperating with Blue fitness, 4/5 Penrose Quay, Cork city( next to Union Chandlery and Penrose wharf).



Schedule and training

  • On Thursdays from 1300- 1500 pm, beginner calisthenics class- creative workouthabit circuit.
  • On Saturday from 1300-1500 pm  advanced calisthenics class- Rebel team training members.Internet booking.Places are limited.


Our mission

Is to spread healthy lifestyle calisthenics and street workout  in Cork city and Ireland. Our vision is to organize first Irish Street Workout and Calisthenics Championship sometime in the  summer 2018. In  the comming months, we will organize local calisthenics and street workout in Cork and Munster.We are the proud member of WSWCF or World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation, which organize's numerous worldwide events. Give us a shout, if you have any ideas and want to be a part of our team.Do not hesitate to join us for Push up, Squat,Pull up and etc challenges, if you see us somewhere in the city.We will have ongoing competitions and challenges to promote  healthy way of life! Fall in love with creative, simple revolutionary 21 century workout! Fall in love with a healthy lifestyle and obtain more healthy habits. Please, like and follow our facebook page for more updates.

Calisthenics training 

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Feeling exercise guilt? We have a way to get you there
Warning-exercise has been known to cause health and happiness.
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